Bear Market Consignment Sales
The store that works for You! 

Suggestions for items to consign for sale



Sometimes our backroom gets too many boxes and bags.
Be sure to watch the calendar at
to make sure we have space!
New Forest Friend Contest
began August 8 and will run 
through the 1st week of September.  
Come in to shop and enter to win.You Must answer the question, leave your name and phone #.

Bringing a Container:  NOTICE:  watch "Are we taking" page for days to bring a container.  NO new accounts being opened at this time. 

Be sure to read our contract thoroughly and phone if you have questions For Contract press here.   Only the person who owns an account should bring items in for consignment on that account.   DO NOT give your account # to someone else to use.

If bringing a bag - tie it shut.  (limit is a white 13gallon kitchen size bag) (EVERY OTHER WEEK) LEAVE SOME "SAG IN THE BAG"

A box - have all items safely inside or close it. (limit is a 12" tall, 12" wide x 18" deep)(EVER OTHER WEEK)  NO HEAPING

Hanging items - have hanger hooks facing same way (limit is 15 items)(EVERY OTHER WEEK)

FYI - we move containers 3 times before processing - from check-in rack to shelves....from shelves to rolling cart....from rolling cart to work table.    All items displayed must be clean NO holes, NO tears, NO stains.......... ...described as something NICE others would want to pay money for.

If you have furniture - Phone the day you can actually deliver the furniture and reserve space. (ANY DAY)

You can phone in the morning for that day, or after 4:30 pm to plan for the next day

Up to 6 large items (painting for wall, baby walker, extra large baskets, light fixures...etc. (EACH WEEK)

NOTICE: At arrival to our parking lot you are DEDICATED to selling your items through our consignment service.  Selling items in our parking lot (or any area of our private property) to OUR customers is stealing and against our contract.  We have to pay rent for ALL of the property .  Please understand our problem here. Thankyou.



If you want your items to sell - PLEASE invite people

to shop at Bear Market !  AND to work at Bear Market


we want ALL items ready for new owner to use.  We refuse broken, missing parts, dirty, etc.

See our "ARE WE TAKING?" page for a calendar.


BAGS STILL 13 Gallon - but must be some "sag in the bag"

DATES TAKING varies by available space end

of Saturday:  see the "are we taking" page,

call on the phone and use option #2,  or  see signs posted in the store.

Is your schedule flexible?  Working people use their lunch hour to bring containers in,

Perhaps, you can around 9:30 to 11am?    or  after 3pm?

We are hiring NOW!  Consignment is a lot of work....  Do you have skills to help?  

Must be able to be on your feet all hours and fast productive abilities.


large items brought in front of store can be put out immediately. 

CHRISTMAS:   Trees must have all parts YOU SET IT UP.  Trees that do not stand safely cannot be accepted.  Trees with lights already on them the LIGHTS MUST WORK - ALL OF THEM!   Trees will be plugged in and tested when you leave them.  (this takes time so plan accordingly).  


Remember small Christmas in boxes/bags must go through our backroom processing...  So bring ASAP

 baby furniture AND ALL FURNITURE.  Call for space,   Worth the call.          

All furniture must be clean, no holes or tears.  YOU need to reserve space by phone.  

FURNITURE - WE WANT TO FILL OUR STORE!  CALL FOR SPACE... We will accept nice clean items

Bunk Beds and some toddler beds must be set up.  This shows customers all parts are there.

Items are accepted AFTER we see them and approve condition.  

Don't give up!   - keep calling.   573-346-3608   press 0

Sporting goods - Small fishing items year round here at the Lake... 

Gardening:  Garden tables, rakes, shovels, weedeaters, leaf blowers, chain saws, 

Dining tables must have chairs.  

FITNESS:   All exercise equipment must be small and fit on a shelf.  This is a great time to bring small weights, exercise videos, and exercise clothing.

MEDICAL:  Bear Market is a great place to sell wheel chairs, shower/bath chairs, canes, crutches, walkers...Just be sure the item is SAFE and CLEAN for the next owner.  We also accept inversion tables and massage tables.   Call for space.  Motorized scooters must have good tires and new batteries for new owner.

LUGGAGE:  Nice newer styles.  Good wheels and handles.  

Raincoats and rainboots.  (Year round) Umbrellas too.

MENS WORK BOOTS, WESTERN BOOTS, as well as mens tennis shoes.



CLOTHING:    WINTER CLOTHING IS thicker fabrics, darker colors, primary colors, no pictures of sunsets & sailboats on the tee-shirts this time of year.  Also, not a lot of flower fabrics. 

Purses - Purses and backpacks are great for school as well as all winter.  Dark colors now please.

MENS, LADIES & CHILDREN - all are ready for winter attire, sports bags, crafts and projects, tools, for outdoor work - even food changes to soups and hot dishes.  

Crock pots, indoor cooking items.  Hot drink appliances.  Canning jars, lids.  No more outdoor grills.

 SHOES - FOR EVERYONE.  Boots too.

  Good time for installing a Cast Iron wood stove.    But.....Do NOT bring gas or propane fireplaces or the logs due to safety hazards and customer must have the gas company paid to connect them.  

FALL - means rain coats, umbrellas, rain boots, gardening shovels, rakes,  

Chain saws and limb trimming is year round.  Fire place tools, screens, even Cast iron wood stoves - be sure they are clean & safe.  Call for space in foyer for wood stoves.

Jeans are year round.  

Sweater jackets popular year round .

books and toys and Kitchen and Bath...all departments we stock here at Bear Market

Area rugs must be clean - no pet odor or water marks...  We will roll it out before accepting. It will sell!

Wood and pellet stoves.  Need to be cleaned before bringing.  Make sure safe for new owner - don't sell a fire device that you would not feel safe using on your home please.

LINENS:  Bedspreads...... bedding from sheets and pillow cases to comforters ... Darker colors, thicker fabrics not big summer flowers this time of year.  

Sporting Goods - backpacks, fishing gear and limited boating items can be year round here at the Lake.

Remodelling?  Kitchen cupboards sell well.  Call to reserve space.  We do not take just counter tops alone.

Nice bathroom vanities also sell well -  but NO pedestal sinks and NOT a sink top without the cabinet.


TOOLS:  hammers, screw drivers, as well as electric and battery operated tools.  (battery operated must be 18v or stronger please).  Do not bring battery op. tools with no battery or no charger.

 CHAIN SAWS, LEAF BLOWERS - ALL MUST WORK!   BRING NOW!   rakes, shovels,- even snow shovels

Fertilizer and spreaders  

leaf blowers, rakes, chain saws and tree saws...are wanted.   

Pet supplies - all types of pets from aquariums to horse leads, chicken feeding,  outdoor bird feeders, dog beds, cat towers, litter boxes, taxiis & dog houses.  also the books and manuals of how to raise a pet.

Gas powered equipment should have just a bit of gas for someone to start it

but due to insurance and safety regulations  full tanks are NOT allowed.

All store departments can get too full - it is good to phone in advance if you have

large baby items, floor lamps, large pictures, large mounted tools, in addition to the

furniture approval.


Some clothing is year round...jeans and sweater-jackets.  Spring and Summer items often are divided from winter by the fabric colors and designs.  If you bring in an item that you are not sure that we will display due to the seasonal limits - be sure to ask for items back that we will not display.  Items we choose to NOT display are immediately donated to charity and are not retrievable.  The clerk should give you this option when you check-in your container.  See our contract if you have further questions.

  Baby supplies:  Be aware the government makes it difficult to resell baby items.  We no longer accept baby cribs.  Car seats must have not expired the date and be clean with all attachments.  Although you may have to phone us frequently to get space for baby swing, high chairs, and walkers , they do sell so keep calling!

 Do you ever think twice about using Bear Markets' services or using Craigs List?  You are welcome to bring your item here and also advertise it on Craigs List.  Be sure to inform them on Craigs List that the item is on display here at Bear Market and must be purchased here.  Be sure the selling price you tell on Craigs List is the same price we have on the item.  We do not have time to do this service for you


See our "ARE WE TAKING?" page for a calendar.

Furniture must be clean with no holes, no stains if uphostered.  Nice for a new happy owner.

Baby supplies:  Be aware the government makes it difficult to resell baby items.  We no longer accept baby cribs.  Car seats must have not expired the date and be clean with all attachments.  Although you may have to phone us frequently to get space for baby swing, high chairs, and walkers , they do sell so keep calling!

 ITEMS WE DO NOT ACCEPT:  Please phone if you think we may not take your item - also if it is large we may not have space immediately for you which phoning gives us a warning of large items to prepare for.

We do not take ironing boards, Washers & Dryers, guns that shoot anything more powerful than a BB, Water softeners, built-in appliances.  But we do take ELECTRIC ovens, refrigerators & portable dishwashers and air conditioners.  (no gas appliances).

We do not take parts of things.  Or parts to things.

We sell most types of tools.  From large table saws and air compressors to hand tools, extension cords, cordless and corded motorized tools,(rechargeable tools must be 18V or stronger) pneumatic tools, lawn care & house repair tools.  (some can be seasonal). Gas powered tools should easily start and have just a minimum of gas in tank to test it. 

We do not take wheel covers or tires...but we do sell tire chains, auto floor mats, seat covers, etc.

We do not sell baby cribs (due to laws) but we do sell current date carseats, bouncies, bassinets, changing tables, strollers, and porta-cribs  plus other baby development toys.  

We do not sell water softeners, house size furnaces, or garbage compactors, or garbage disposals.  We have sold brand new garbage disposals new in the box.  We do sell kitchen sinks and bathroom vanities but NOT bathroom sinks alone.  Also NO shower stalls or bath tubs.  No cast iron sinks.    We do sell toilets that are clean and have all parts.   We do sell kitchen cupboards - sometime we get a whole kitchen!  Be sure to call to get that much space.

We do not sell carpet scraps - but we do sell nice clean area rugs.  When you bring a rug we will roll it out to make sure it is clean.  Having your assistance to fold it to display on our rug racks is always welcome.

We do not sell the old console stereos.  We do not sell televisions at all.  We do sell antennas (that collapse for display), VHS, DVDs, record albums, cassettes, and all types of electronics.

We do not sell computers.  We do sell the printers (if you have ink for them and all parts) monitors, mouse, keyboards, We do sell cell phones, ipads, 

We do not sell bowling balls, exercise equipment too big for on a shelf,

We do not sell ceiling fans (or just the blades).  Light fixtures should be clean and safe wiring.

We do not sell curtain rods.  Or window blinds.  But we do sell curtains, bedspreads, linens, blankets,  bathroom soap dishes, towel rods, waste cans, very CLEAN medicine cabinets (must be newer style), 

We do not sell just panes of glass - or mirrors that are not framed.   We do sell paintings that are glass covered (but we are not liable if it gets broken) We sell framed mirrors, swivel full-length mirrors, picture frames of all sizes and shapes.

We do not sell a bed box spring alone.  We DO take mattresses alone and mattress/boxspring sets.  Beds must be clean - NO STAINS (gross).  Also mattresses must be firm enough to stand on edge because that is how we display them.  

We do NOT sell entertainment centers.  They are non-sellers.  

We frown at Particle-board furniture.  Depends upon condition and style.

We are picky with Bar-B-Q grills (must be extremely clean and nice) 

We are picky with Wood stoves (must be clean, not rusty and have all seals/stones/parts.

We do not sell Natural Gas or Propane fireplace logs.  We will take electric fire place logs.  

We do not accept extremely high priced jewelry.  Jewelry priced over $100 must be manager approved. 

As you can see - it is hard to say a list of what we do or do not take.  So often there is just a fine line between what is taken and what isn't.  Phoning first never hurts and just takes a few minutes.  573-346-3608.  during hours press 0

Some people bring pictures on their phones - which is great!  But items still approved at time of delivery.

YOUR ACCOUNT:  Help us keep your information up to date.  We need current phone number, best address to mail a check, and an email address will allow us to contact you about your items too!

Always bring your ID:  To check-in a container and/or items

                                       To collect any funds

                                       To update with new address, phone #, email, etc.

                                       To receive a printout of your account information

                                       To reclaim items that did not sell

                                       To pick-up items we are returning to you

DO NOT Check your account balance at public computers like at a library.  Although we do all to protect your information we ask you to seek a safe environment for exposing your information. 

You can check your account here on this website by going to My Balance or by phoning us during store hours. 

Your money for selling items is retained in your account indefinitely if you are active.  However, after an account has been inactive for 2 years those funds become the property of Bear Market Consignments, Inc. 

Have a refund?  You can now put refund money into your account for future purchases!  Be sure to ask us before refund is complete. 



Consignors can collect money 3 ways. 

1.  Cash:  if you take less than $30 we pay out cash.  

  2.  Check:  Payouts $30 or more we issue a check. 

3.  On Account Purchase:   Shop here at Bear Market and at check-out use money from your account to pay for your purchase.

You can use all of the payment options how you wish.  Some people save the money in their account for a vacation, for Christmas shopping, or others come in daily for cash for gas, milk, bread......It is your account and you can manage the money how you wish.  But if your account is NOT active for over 18 months the computer program will delete old data and money can be lost when that process takes place.



Please read the contract.  Items are displayed for different time periods.  But no items are displayed longer than 8 weeks without the price being lowered or the item being donated. 

Items are accepted with 2 seasons:  Spring & Summer is February 15 - August 14.  Fall &  Winter is August 15 - February 14.  

Holiday items are accepted 45 days in advance of the holiday except Christmas is November 1st.